Governing Board

Antonella d'Arminio Monforte MD

Manuel Battegay MD

Georg Behrens MD

Sanjay Bhagani MD, Vice President

Christine Katlama MD

Jens D. Lundgren MD

Esteban Martínez MD, Treasurer

Fiona Mulcahy MD, Immediate Past President

Cristina Mussini MD
Cristiana Oprea MD

Anton Pozniak MD
Peter Reiss MD

Jürgen Rockstroh MD, President
Ann Sullivan MD, Secretary

Annemarie Wensing MD


Jürgen Rockstroh MD, President

Sanjay Bhagani MD, Vice President

Ann Sullivan MD, Secretary

Esteban Martínez MD, Treasurer

Fiona Mulcahy MD, Immediate Past President



Joëlle Verluyten Executive Secretary
Audrey Desagher Project Coordinator

Véronique Van Hal Secretary

Regional Representatives

Regional representatives elected in December 2016 for four years:


1. Sanjay Bhagani, United Kingdom

2. Nina Friis-Møller, Denmark

3. Paddy Mallon, Ireland

4. Ann Sullivan, United Kingdom


1. Andrea Antinori, Italy
2. Esteban Martínez, Spain

3. Cristina Mussini, Italy

Rest of World
1. M. John Gill, Canada
2. Sharon Walmsley, Canada



1. Andrzej Horban, Poland

2. Mariana Mardarescu, Romania
3. Cristiana Oprea, Romania


1. Georg Behrens, Germany
2. Stéphane De Wit, Belgium
3. Hansjakob Furrer, Switzerland
4. Annemarie Wensing, Netherlands


EACS regions

EACS members are divided into 5 regions, which have been allocated seats for governance purposes. A maximum of 6 seats can be allocated to each European region, 3 seats can be allocated to the Region "Rest of world". Based on membership numbers at the time of election, the region East was allocated 3 seats, the regions North, South and West were allocated 4 seats while Rest of World got 2 seats.


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General Assembly

As stipulated by the EACS by-laws, elected regional representatives form the EACS General Assembly together with the current Governing Board; Regional Representatives serve a four-year term. All EACS members may attend the General Assembly but only Regional Representatives and Governing Board members have voting rights.

The EACS General Assembly convenes once a year.

Invitation to the 2018 EACS General Assembly


Please note: This English translation has been prepared solely for information and convenience purposes. In the event of any ambiguity or discrepancy between this translation and the original French by-laws, the French by-laws shall prevail.


Statement of


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Educational Programme

Training and educating the next generation of clinicians and researchers is an EACS core activity.

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EACS Treatment Guidelines updated

The EACS Treatment Guidelines 9.0 and the app are available for free on

Apple Store and Google Play Store

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17th European AIDS Conference

November 6-9, 2019 Basel, Switzerland

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