Use of multiple drugs in addition to antiretroviral treatment (polypharmacy) is getting increasingly common in people living with HIV (PLWH). This is partly due to aging and co-morbidities, but also to the use of other substances that may be included in alternative treatments, supplements, steroids, recreational drugs, etc. Consequently, PLWH may be at risk for drug-drug interactions (DDIs) that might compromise the efficacy of the treatment and/or the patient's safety.


Most available electronic resources to look for information on DDIs, are based on theoretical data or on results from small studies in healthy volunteers. On the contrary, reports on real-life clinical cases on DDIs in PLWH are relatively scant.


The objective of this project is to create an open-access web page that includes a registry on clinical cases on DDIs between drugs used by PLWH (including OTC, recreational drugs, complementary therapies, etc.). The page can be used for:


Reporting new clinical cases in drug combinations.

Searching for information on specific combinations.

Share information on real-life experience about drug combinations that may be used in the clinic.


Our aim is to create a tool to share real-life experience on clinical management of DDIs among all professionals involved in health care for PLWH.

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