Standard of Care for HIV and Coinfections in Europe

The Policy Working Group’s goal is to collect and diffuse data on standard of care including the progress and pitfalls in different European regions as well as to provide a platform aiming to share these data among different stakeholders.

The Standard of Care for HIV and Coinfections in Europe meeting aims to convene not only healthcare professionals and clinicians from across Europe active in the fight against HIV and Co-infections but also stakeholders/partners and the community.

The EACS Policy Working Group recommends that the standard of care meeting and other policy activities of the Society stay close to the needs of patients and care givers. Benchmarks for access to care as well as and standard of care, have not yet been defined. The quality assessment could be used both qualitatively and quantitatively in the years to come.


Information on the current European situation shared during the meeting will constitute the basis to elaborate a common platform for a European standard of care, which is currently lacking. This project involves not only clinicians but also individuals living with HIV, community representatives and institutional partners. EACS with its role as a pan-European Society has chosen not only to organize the platform for this project but also to advocate for the implementation of the European standard of care across all EU and non-EU European countries. 



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