Viral hepatitis co-infection and liver disease

Sanjay Bhagani

Karine Lacombe 


ARV switch, Nuc-sparing and simplification strategies 60+

Christine Katlama 


Setting up and managing a large study

Alison Rodger

Linos Vandekerckhove


What to look for in a presentation/paper

Dominique Costagliola


Identifying bias

Caroline Sabin



Yvonne Gilleece 


Malignancies in HIV

Epidemiology / Clinical management (DDI)

Stéphane De Wit 


Patient monitoring

Stéphane De Wit



Moving from an idea to a research question

Paddy Mallon


Conducting and managing RCTs

Caroline Sabin


Conducting and managing observational studies

Colette Smith


What data should you collect?

Sophie Jose


Developing a CRF

Dominique Costagliola




Building a database

Dominique Costagliola


Checking the data

Sophie Jose


How big should my study be?

Dominique Costagliola


Developing an analysis plan

Sophie Jose 


Superiority and non-inferiority studies

Dominique Costagliola

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