Medical Exchange Programme

The European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) initiated a Medical Exchange Programme in 2001, with the aim of enhancing the clinical skills of fellows through periods of attachment to specialised HIV units. The ambition was to ultimately foster clinical and scientific collaboration across Europe. Since then, more than 130 HIV clinicians from 49 countries have been trained.

In 2008, the One-Year Fellowship Programme was created with the aim of carrying out periods of research at a host institution. This led in several cases to publications in peer reviewed journals and oral presentations at major conferences.  To date, the One-Year Fellowship Programme has supported 13 researchers from seven countries.

In 2013, the EACS decided to review the scope of its exchange programme and merged both programmes to combine both research and clinical practice.

Applications are now closed.



The Medical Exchange Programme is based on a clinical or research project relevant to the field of HIV/coinfections. It runs over a period of four to twelve months in a selected EACS clinical centre in Europe.

Fellowship recipients will be expected to present their work at a subsequent EACS conference.

Funding is allocated according to the duration of the project. A grant of 20,000€ is awarded for a 12-month project; pro rata for shorter projects.


List of clinical centres

Steering Committee

Eligible candidates must meet the following conditions:    


• Be a physician and/or clinical scientist working in infectious diseases and/or HIV;

• Hold EACS membership;

• Be less than or equal to 35 years of age;

• Be eligible for a working/ graduate visa in the country of the host institution.



• Pharmaceutical industry staff are not eligible for this programme.

• It is the responsibility of the trainee to ensure necessary visa, permits and documentation before project initiation.


Practical information


Who are the EACS mentor and the project supervisor?



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Educational Programme

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