Pre-Educational Course

The Pre-Educational Course is a very popular one-day event held immediately prior to the biennial European AIDS Conference. The focus is on providing practical clinical skills and advice.

The style has evolved over the years from didactic lectures to the use of contemporary case studies followed by an explanatory talk. The subject matter is continually updated to reflect emerging trends. 


Once the course content is approved by the EACS, a broad team of junior and senior doctors is mobilised. They take part by either presenting a case study or by providing subject overviews. The presentations are honed to deliver a compelling mix of interesting topics with relevant clinical messages. The course typically attracts around 400 participants.


In 2015, the Pre-Educational Course took place prior to the 15th European AIDS Conference (Barcelona, Spain), on Wednesday, October 21, and was chaired by Tristan Barber, Laura Waters, and Mike Youle.


This year, the Pre-Educational Course, chaired by Tristan Barber, Laura Waters, and Mike Youle, will be held before the 16th European AIDS Conference in Milan, Italy on October 25, 2017 from 08:00 to 14:00. 

Registration through the Conference website (First-come, first-served basis)




The main topics of this course are: 

          - Tuberculosis: Where Are We Now?

          - STIs & HIV Testing

          - Pregnancy & Antenatal Testing

          - Loving the Liver: Changing Patterns of Liver Disease

          - From the Kidneys to the Cloaca - Haematuria, PSA, etc.

          - The Virtual Clinic: Managing Resistance and Simplifying Treatment With Modern ART

"It has been great to see course participants develop in seniority, both as clinicians and as EACS members working on projects within the Society.”
Dr Mike Youle

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