PrEP: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Online Course


Important information!
The PrEP: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis course will no longer be accessible.

In the future, the PrEP course will be part of the Clinical Management of HIV Online Course which will be relaunched in November 2018.
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Major advances have been achieved in the treatment of HIV infection but the number of new HIV infections remains high worldwide, around 2.1 million in 2015 according to the latest UNAIDS report.

Data strongly support the need to strengthen HIV prevention and to implement new effective prevention methods. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, PrEP has in several studies been proven to prevent sexual transmission of HIV infection. Both WHO and EACS recommend the use of PrEP as part of a wide prevention approach.


The PrEP online course developed by European PrEP experts is an online, flexible, open access course. It is available to anyone who wishes to participate, but is especially aimed at clinicians in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


The course consists of three modules: The basic principles of PrEP, Clinical considerations in relation to PrEP and Implementation of PrEP. Participants will be asked to answer a couple of short questions at the end of each topic. The online learning activities will comprise a mix of discussions, multiple-choice tests, video lectures, case studies or another activating element. 


This online model promotes more flexibility than a traditional face-to-face approach as participants can join in when their schedule allows and select the modules in the order they desire. Participants should plan on spending 1 to 1½ hours per subtopic. Russian and English subtitles will be available for video lectures, while other course materials will be available in English.


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