April 13, 2018


Plenary session


Nathan Clumeck, Belgium, Chair


Treatment Issues

Tristan Barber, United Kingdom

Christoph Spinner, Germany


Tops & Flops

Agata Skrzat-Klapaczynska, Poland

Laura Waters, United Kingdom

April 14, 2018





Silvia Nozza, Italy

Oana Sandulescu, Romania


Therapeutic Vaccines vs. Cure

Markus Bickel, Germany

Casper Rokx, the Netherlands


Closing Remarks

Nathan Clumeck, Belgium


April 13 & 14, 2018


Breakout sessions


Women/Gender Issues

Christine Gilles, Belgium

Marta Vasylyev, Ukraine


Clinical Cases

José Ignacio Bernardino, Spain

Niklaus Labhardt, Switzerland

Laura Waters, United Kingdom 










Maximilian C. Aichelburg, Austria

Agnès Libois, Belgium

Dominic Rowley, Ireland


How to Build Your Career in Europe?

Annemarie Wensing, the Netherlands


Summaries of the breakout sessions


Workshops Reporting

Adrian Curran, Spain

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