WAVE Workshop 2017 – 16th European AIDS Conference, Milan


MiCo - Milano Congressi - Milan, Italy

October 25, 2017 - 11:00-14:00







The third workshop was chaired by Dr. Karoline Aebi-Popp and Dr. Justyna Kowalska. It took place prior to the 16th European AIDS Conference and focused on models of care and PrEP for women.
The workshop essentially consisted of discussions. It also provided a basis for inter-European exchange of knowledge, as well as future collaborative research projects.

The main topics of this workshop were:
          - Post-Brussels Workshop Report
          - The Role of Integrase Inhibitors in WLWH Care
          - Discussion on Models of Care for HIV-Positive Women in Europe
          - The use of PrEP in heterosexual couples based on clinical cases
          - HIV transmission in Serodiscordant Couples - Is cART Enough



Registration was open to junior and senior healthcare professionals, members of the community and advocacy groups, industry employees, and others that might qualify based upon interest or expertise, regardless of gender and geographical location.


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